Fair supply chains and the only anti-slip product to hold global certifications.

SWISS GriP is the preferred choice of leading shower base manufacturers.

What will it mean to the consumer, if this consumer knows that you as the manufacturer care enough about their safety that you only sell your product with the highest rated slip resistance treatment?


Increased safety for your customers by adding the world’s most certified anti-slip coating to your shower tray or tub.

Industry leading
3 year warranty*

World’s only globally certified anti slip coating. Safety and reliability with an unmatched guarantee.

Increase your profit margins

Increase consumer safety while simultaneously increasing your bottom line. Contact us and find out how.

The #1 choice of shower base manufacturers

Major shower tray as well as bathtub manufacturers rely on the unparalleled quality of SWISS Grip, making SWISS GriP Safety Coatings the leading supplier of anti-slip solutions to manufacturers of shower bases and bathtubs. As of Fall of 2018, SWISS GriP is available in the United States, making it accessible to all US based manufacturers as well.

Internationally renowned brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Ideal Standard, Roca and many others use SWISS GriP to offer their customers slip-resistant shower trays and tubs. One of the world’s top 3 leading manufacturers using SWISS GriP extends a 10 year warranty on their product and our solution – we cannot think of a better testament to the reliability and safety of our slip resistant application.

anti-slip shower base
Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash, non-skid coating for decks

Seamless integration into your production processes

The proven concept of the SWISS GriP industrial application has led to longstanding partnerships with above mentioned manufacturers, the majority dating back 8 to 10+ years. The foundation of these relationships has always been the quality and durability of SWISS GriP Safety Coatings. From smaller (custom) manufacturers to industry leaders; hand operated spray gun to fully automated spray systems guarantee a solution for tub and shower base manufacturers of all sizes. Training and technical support are a critical part of our mutual success.

Need immediate assistance?

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