How we made it our mission to make every domestic slippery surface safer

The story of how we became the US representative of Swiss GriP non slip coatings.

Allow me to take you back to February of 2013

Allow me to take you back to February of 2013. My wife, a nurse at an Assisted Living Facility, was visiting one of her facility’s residents that had been admitted to the hospital. It was during this visit that my wife slipped and fell and hurt her knees. Now 6 years and 3 surgeries later, she is left with permanent nerve damage in both knees and she is still caught in the nightmarish administrative mill of worker’s comp.

At the time my life was consumed by a good but rather demanding stressful job, working 7 days a week logging 60 to 80 hours a week. In 2016 after my wife had her 3rd surgery, resulting from that slip and fall incident at the hospital 3 years prior, and while driving her everywhere she needed to go for a few weeks I reflected on what happened. How was it possible that someone’s life completely changed on what was supposed to be a routine and very ordinary day, all because of a slip and fall? Could this have prevented? If so, how? Would there be a way to make floors safer and less slippery? All these questions and many others raced through my mind. With her hurt legs we also became more aware of other potentially hazardous surfaces when wet – last thing we would need is for her to fall again! So naturally I started thinking about bath tubs and showers? Can tubs and showers be made less slippery? What about pool decks? Is it possible to make pool decks non slip? For some reason all of a sudden my mind started going over all these potentially hazardous places where unsuspected ordinary people like you and me could slip and fall on surfaces that might be slippery and dangerous when wet.

Obsession & Passion

For an extended period of time I became obsessed with educating myself on slip and falls, slippery surfaces and anything and everything related to making slippery surfaces safer. It was then that I came across a business opportunity that specialized in treating surfaces to make them less slippery or even slip resistant. I researched more, and it wasn’t long before quit my stressful job, was educated and trained by professionals in the business and bought into this opportunity and not much later Florida Non-Slip Services was born!

Ever since, I have made it my passion to ensure that anyone that needs it has access to products, services and information that can help them live safer and longer by making sure their surfaces are slip resistant. Over the past years we have made 10’s of thousands of square feet of then slippery floors safer, pool decks we treated with slip resistant applications are safer for children, countless homes and many hotels now have non slippery showers and tubs, and we have only just begun! In our quest for making every home safer our motto is that only the very best is good enough. While researching alternative solutions to making porcelain tubs non slip we came across the SWISS GriP website. Intrigued we dug deeper and learned that there is no anti slip product available on the market today that has higher ratings or more certifications than SWISS GriP coatings. The more we learned about this product, the more intrigued we became. In our never ending quest for perfection I traveled to Switzerland and visited the manufacturer to learn first hand about this anti slip coating. Having met the owner and founder and the people that worked there, I found we all had one thing in common: a passion to make sure as many people as possible are protected from slip and fall accidents! Not only had I found the world’s highest quality anti slip coating, I had also found people that shared the same passion for preventing slip and falls that I have. No wonder they managed to create the world’s highest rated non slip coatings – this creation came straight from the heart! True passion and true passion only brings out the best in people, as proven again this time by the people who make SWISS GriP anti slip coatings.

Because of our shared passion and values it did not take us long to come to a partnership agreement appointing us as the sole representatives for SWISS GriP Coatings in the United States, and SWISS GriP USA was born. Now this amazing non skid product is available to any and all that need it in our country, as we started on our mission to make all surfaces that need it slip resistant.

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