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What exactly is SWISS GriP® Anti-Slip coating?
SWISS GriP is a transparent two component anti-slip coating that is to be applied to surfaces that are prone to be slippery and hazardous when wet.
Where can I buy SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating?

SWISS GriP can be bought through our online shop.  If you are planning to use SWISS GriP coatings for commercial purposes, please get in touch with us using the contact form

How do I know which SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating to buy?

SWISS GriP Tub & Shower (Bathroom) is the right product if the treated area is intended for use mostly with bare feet. For all other surfaces in residential and commercial areas, SWISS GriP Anti-Slip Floor is best used. If you have any questions, please do reach out to us.

On which surfaces can I use SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating?

SWISS GriP Tub & Shower (Bathroom) is the preferred choice for all types of tubs and showers. For anti-slip protection on other surfaces such as tiles, natural stone, glass, glass-reinforced plastic, laminate or anything else, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

How long will SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating last?
That is a great question and one we get asked most often. The durability very much depends on external conditions, traffic and just as important, proper maintenance of the treated surface. Industrial clients that work with SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coatings extend warranties of up to 10 years.
What kind of warranty is offered with SWISS GriP?
On self-installations (our DYI kits) we offer a 2 year warranty on adhesion. For installations done by one of our technicians we offer a 3 year warranty on adhesion.
Can SWISS GriP be removed?
Yes, our chemists have developed a proprietary remover that will allow SWISS GriP to be safely removed without any chance to the previously coated surface.
Does SWISS GriP alter the surface it’s applied to?
No. SWISS GriP Anti-Slip merely changes the anti slip properties of the treated surfaces. There are no changes to the actual surface itself.
Does SWISS GriP Anti-Slip change the color of the treated surface?
Is SWISS GriP Anti-Slip an acid treatment?
No. Unlike other non slip treatments, SWISS GriP is a coating so the surface is neither etched nor treated chemically.
How is SWISS GriP applied?

Applying SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating is a straightforward process and our Do It Yourself kits make the application easy for anyone. The box includes everything you require and the installation video shows how to apply it step by step. If any questions remain, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

How long does it take to apply SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating?

After the surface that requires treatment has been properly and thoroughly cleaned, it takes about 15 minutes to coat a shower or bathtub. For other areas, the respective conditions dictate the amount of time required to apply the coating.

Is SWISS GriP weather-resistant?

Yes. SWISS GriP is frost-proof and UV-resistant.

Does the coating discolor as a result of UV radiation?

No. Unlike epoxy based coatings, SWISS GriP coating is UV-resistant and will not change color.

Is SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coating toxic or harmful to the environment?

No. SWISS GriP Anti-Slip coatings are solvent-free and even won the University of Pittsburgh’s Gold Award as the “world’s best, most environmentally friendly anti-slip coating”.

Is SWISS GriP Anti-Slip safe for children and pets?

Even though SWISS GriP is environmentally friendly, please make sure that your children and pets do not come into contact with the coating during the first six hours of the drying phase, as you would with any other coating. After that, it is perfectly safe for everyone!

My children sit in the tub, will this coating irritate their skin?

SWISS GriP coating is gentle to the skin, even to the delicate skin of the youngest ones.  Repetitive back and forth motion might be unpleasant and result in irritated skin as common sense would dictate.

I see several DIY kits out there on the internet at a price much lower than yours. Why should I buy SWISS GriP?

When it comes to a product related to safety, we encourage anyone to be as thorough in their research as possible, before deciding on a purchase. No one likes to compromise when it comes to personal safety! To assist anyone in making the best possible decision for their unique circumstance, we have created this checklist of properties an item as important as anti-slip coating should have. Also, when deciding on which product to buy, please keep in mind that SWISS GriP Tub & Shower covers up to 12 square feet (enough for two standard size tubs).

I see there is another product out there that claims one can use the shower 5 hours after it is applied. Why is there an 8 hour dry time for SWISS GriP?

Here too we recommend you go down the checklist of properties and we would also like to recommend you do some research on one component coatings versus two component coatings. Sometimes a quicker fix is what is wanted, most times a lasting product is preferred.

We are interested in becoming a SWISS GriP reseller. How do we become one?

Please use the contact form and mention your interest in becoming a SWISS GriP reseller. Please also include all relevant information about your existing business, along with contact information and your website (url) address. We will reach out to you within one business day!

Need immediate assistance?

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